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Temporary Gondola

Altrex is a world-class gondola manufacturer. Wui Loong Scaffolding Works Co. Ltd is the exclusive dealer of Altrex products in Hong Kong.

The gondola is made of high-grade aluminum, so the self-weight is low without affecting the loading capacity. The design of the gondola is flexible; 1 m to 6 m in length can be offered to the customer to fit their requirement.

Installation process will be performed by technical staff who have been well trained in the Netherlands. Therefore the safety and quality of the gondola can be guaranteed.

The gondola is suitable for following proposes:
  • Cleaning of the external wall
  • Applying sealant on the external window frame
  • Installation of the curtain wall
  • Inspection / Repairing of the external wall
  • Installation/ Inspection of the Air Conditioning Unit
  • Replacement of the water pipe on external wall